At WABCO, we’re always creating and innovating. Coming up with new, industry-leading technologies to help you go further.

Our range of Air Processing products continues to expand for the Independent Aftermarket. Like the Electronic Air Processing Unit 2 (EAPU2) – now available for MAN vehicles. Combining all the key features of an Air Dryer and Multi-Circuit Protection Valve to efficiently dry, clean and distribute the air emitted by the vehicle’s compressor into the different circuits of a truck’s braking system.

Our OE parts deliver peace of mind, built on decades of experience and our extensive industry partnerships with the commercial vehicle sector as a whole. To ensure we deliver the highest quality, we use high-grade materials, as well as subjecting parts to comprehensive tests and inspections designed to meet the most rigorous production and safety standards.

Expect excellence. Insist on quality. Demand peace of mind. Choose WABCO.
A range of innovative features
  • Engineered for optimized performance with less energy consumption
  • Integrates the functionality of air dryer, multi circuit protection valves and an electronic control unit into one solution
  • Improved regeneration time and improved energy efficiency
  • Two pressure limiter
Customer value built in
WABCO EAPU2 offers outstanding customer value by optimizing the performance of truck braking systems and reducing the need for maintenance. They feature a modular design that reduces the work needed for upkeep and combine both Air Dryer and Multi-Circuit Protection Valve in one product to lower installation costs. And, because they use an innovative cartridge solution, service intervals are extended too.

Compatible with a wide range of trucks and other fleet vehicles across heavy, medium and light-duty markets, the WABCO EAPU2 is a versatile, high quality, industry-leading solution.

Parametrization required to be carried out at authorized service partners.

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Net weight: 8.218 kg
Calculated volume (dm3): 26.08
Size/dimensions (mm x mm x mm): 345 x 240 x 315
EAN: 04057885124679